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So, how do you play Urgot top?

Let’s start saying that you shouldn’t push you lane in early phase. Even if it’s a crab, Urgot does not have mobility, and so if you push the lane, you are just too vulnerable to opponent jungle’s gank. Remember that apart flash or ghost, you do not have any ability that gives you additional moviment speed or any gap closer.



But how do you freeze? Just last hit and stop the wave from approaching the turret. The general rule is to have at least 3 more enemy minion that ally minion or 1 cannon minion than ally minions.

Dont forget to punish your opponent everytime he’s trying get a cs using your E. When you see that a allied cs is about to die, your opponent will try to secure that one, and so you can make free damage. If you are facing a melee champs this will work perfectly
cause they have no choise but hit that creep.

Nontheless, try to secure a kill before level 2 if your opponent push in the first minute of the game, before any jungler can do anything. Just by using your Q you can easily get a kill.

How do you build Urgot? As starting item you should run 1027.pngand RefillablePotion.png, for acquire as soon as possible bb1a61acd94ada839de94cdf2778bd1e5ac5a664ef6f8986e2b572155c1370fb.png and then Manamune-Final-Portrait.jpg. Getting this item early it’s pretty benefical. It will increase your damage and preserve mana for trading and teamfight. For the rest you should focus about cooldown redution. You want to reach a huge amount of CDR as soon as possibile, and so  3071.png can be your second item; it’s a very potent item shreading enemy armor.

It synergises well with urgot e.png allowing to deal lots of damage. And, it gives movement speed, which it’s always good when you are playing Urgot. As second choise, there are iceborn-gauntlet-women-s-t-shirt.jpg and Trinity_Force_item.png. These are both defensive items with offensive capabilities. Due to 10190624_f520.jpg you should run Iceborn, but if you are ahead just build Trinity and close the game as fast as possible.

About boots, well, you need it for sure but you should look at your opponents for dedice which are the best one. Additional items are very game related. You could buy some
additional movement speed ones, and so dead_mans_plate_item.png could be a good option; if you have crowd control or magic resist problem, just pick b20835d77cdffc17d684d06b31929b0d45a6d5ef_hq.jpgor Edge_of_Night_item.png. BUT dont forget, for the love of god, to upgrade trinkets.

Let’s talk about basic combo.

A standard combo is 1.png. You could run this when the enemy try to secure a creep.

Another standard combo is 2.png. This will slow the target
make it easier to hit.

A real good combo is cobmo2.png. Execute this during all in lane
phase or as initiation of teamfight.

This one will run better with Iceborn or Trinity; combo4.pngcombo4.png

What about Runes and Masteries?

A good page could be Attack Damage Quints, Attack Damage marks, Scaling Armor Seals, Scaling CoolDown Reduction glyphs

If you are facing a difficult Attack Damage lane:

Attack Damage Quints, Attack Damage Marks, Flat Armor Seals, Scaling CoolDown Reduction Glyphs

If both lane and jungler are AD and difficult matchup:

AD Quints, AD Marks, Flat Armor Seals, Flat Armor Glyph

If you are facing a difficult Attack damage lane but the rest of the team has heavy AP:

AD Quints, AD Marks, Flat Armor Seals, Scaling MR Glyphs.

If you are facing an heavy AP team:

AD Quints, AD marks, Scaling Armor Seals, Scaling MR Glyphs

About masteries, the standard one should be 12-18-0.

sdsdsdsd.png The goal here is to do as much damage as possible. In the Ferocity tree you could run Fury or Sorcery and it would be good. Thunderlord’s allows for better trading potential during the laning phase and allows for bursting enemy carries during the late game. By the way, apart from Thunderlord’s and Intelligence, masteries can be freely choose.

Here’s some advanced tips

It’s pretty easy, specially in early game, to get 2 autos and Q combo for proc lol-keystone-masteries thunder.jpg

Timing this with Thunderlord’s  cooldown and you can maximize trading for your benefit.

Before start any kind of combo, check always your mana, specially in lane. General mana cost for combo it’s around 130-170, so stay focus around this.

You can use E to gain small vision over busher/fog of war.

Try to use the 1 second suppression of your ultimate for gain time in order let your abilites’cooldown refresh.