1. Stop playing “hard” champs

We all know that playing Yasuo/Zed/Riven is fun; so fun, actually. But it’s a fact that if you are in Bronze, you do not have enough skill to play these kind of champs; in order to play correctly these champs, you must be already good at the game; and this means that you have already learned:

1. how to trade
2. how to cs
3. how, when, where and what to ward
4. looking at the minimap constantly
5. calling mia
6. how to carry
7. being a positive/neutral player
8. prioritising objectives
9. how to close game
10. and so on…

If you play an “hard” champ, you have to learn all these thinks (and many more), master them, and also you have to master an high skilled champ, which takes so much time and will let you climb (maybe) but slowly. Are you fine with the fundamentals of the game? No? So, avoid Yasuo.

2. Become an OTP / play a selected champions pool

Do not change champs in every ranked game! Playing less champs will help you improve on the fundamentals of the game, your game sense, and will also make you climb faster. You do not have to be an OTP if you don’t want to (playing only one champ can be annoying and if he get banned it’s a problem). But do not play 50 different champs in Ranked games. Stick on few, three or four max. It’s so much better if you do want to climb.

3. Play “easy” champs

As i said before, in order to climb it’s better to avoid “hard” champs. This mean also that is better for you playing “easy” champs (Annie, Swain, Ashe, Soraka..) It will take less time to master, they will make you climb faster, and you will focus on what it’s important in order to climb (aka yourself).

4. Focus on your mistake

Thanks to the new client everyone is able to watch his own games’ replay. And you should do it. Pick up a defeat and try to focus on your mistake. Did you get outplayed? If so why? How much cs did you got at Y minutes? Can you do better? Did you look enough at the minimap? If you are not sure what your mistake are, visit this subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool/)! They regularly make a free (yes, i’m saying free) mentoring thread and also a replays rewiew.

5. Stop blame/flame/being negative

Really, just stop it. Flaming will not help you climb, neither will help you win. Do you have an Teemo as adc in team? Did you just lose baron? Flaming will just make nothing good but having a bad impact on your performance. DO NOT FLAME. If you are in Bronze this mean that you aren’t good enough yet, and there are things to improve on. STOP BLAME OTHERS AND WORK ON YOURSELF. Use chat to saying something useful about the game, or do not talk. If someone on your team start flame, just mute him. Do not respond. Ever.

6. Check your runes and masteries

No much to explain here. There are plenty of sites for this (Op.gg; Champion.gg; Probuilds..)

7. Play only two roles

I’ve seen player that changes their main role as much as Ryze get reworked. This is not good if you do want to climb. Select 2 (TWO, and only TWO) roles and spam them. Try to find as much information/guide/steams/tips about the role itself and the champs that you wanna play in that role.