1. Xayah excels at kiting around her opponents, as she has a reliable root, cleave damage, as well as a movement speed/attack speed buff.
  2. Save W for either your burst or to kite.
  3. CDR is a must, specially for your E, which is a huge source of damage and the best way to secure kills.
  4. Use Q to check bushes.
  5. If you opponent starts avoid feathers, as you farm, you should move around in a semi-circle, and spread your feathers out.
  6. It takes 3 feathers to stun with your E.
  7. Your straight up dueling power is fairly weak against anyone with mobility who can avoid your E.
  8. Your goal is to do sustained DPS over a longer period of time; kite in fights to stack up feathers and then pop one or more targets.
  9. The lack of out-of combat movement means split pushing can be dangerous. You have to have really good map awareness for it

Build path:

  • Blade of the Ruined King – Blade of the Ruined King is an incredibly strong item in the current meta, and suits the strongest AD Carries. Xayah is no exception to this
  • Black Cleaver – Black Cleaver gives a reasonable amount of flat health and attack damage, as well as 20% CDR, which is necessary (see above). What makes Black Cleaver so strong on her is the combined flat stats, in addition to BC’s Armor Reduction and the Movement Speed it grants on hit.
  • Ninja Tabi’s/Berkserker’s –  Ninja Tabi is a strong item, no matter what; even if you face a team that heavily lacks Attack Damage and/or AS-based champions, you may still build it. Berkserker it’s also good on her for obvious reason.
  • Phantom Dancer –  Phantom Dancer gives you the most Attack Speed out of the four items and also grants you an incredible strength during duels, as well as a lot of freedom as far as movement goes during fights
  • Runaan’s Hurricane: Mostly an alternative to Phantom Dancer during the build path. Runaan’s helps apply your on-hits onto multiple people at once. Runaan could be a “tankbuster” in this build path; if there aren’t more than one tank to eliminate in their front line, go Phantom Dancer.
  • Situational Item – Your last item is heavily situational. You may choose defensive items to make sure your survivability is strenghtened (Guardian Angel may be the best choise, if you think of the upcoming rework. It gives AD now). In some scenarios, you might find it better to build an additional damage item / an additional item to increase armor penetration.

Skill Path:

  • E – The superior skill to level up first, especially for someone with this build. While Q deals damage, E it’s a lot stronger in most scenarios, because of the possibilities you could create with its low cooldown, its root and its high damage potential.
  • W – Her W grants her Attack Speed and could grant her Movement Speed. The reason you pick W over Q, is mainly due to the reduced cooldown and the reduced mana cost, as well as the increased Attack Speed it grants.
  • Q – (You may start with this at Level 1) Q is a long range damage ability; it works as a way of displacing feathers in a desired area, which goes a long way in team fights where you’d like to stay alive for as long as possible, and deal as much damage as possible.