From patch 7.11, the ban phase for all draft Summoner’s Rift modes will feature five bans per team instead of three. What this will change?

Let’s start saying that

Our ultimate goals for 10 simultaneous bans are: to make champ select fairer for everyone, to give everyone more control over the ban phase, and if possible, to lower the time it takes to get to game.

  • The first changes regards the number of owned champions required to play ranked; it will grow up from 16 to 20, for obvious reason.
  • All 10 players ban simultaneously, with the ability to “hover” bans for coordination, and without seeing the other team’s possible choices.

10bansheaderNow every player bans a champ of ban; everyone agrees with this, but some players do not agree with the second part of this change (not being able to see enemy’s bans). Here’s some player’s comment about it

The fact that we can no longer see the enemy team’s bans so we have SOME chance of not banning the same champion is absurd. Riot, you have failed to incorporate the 10 ban system at a level expected by the player base. There is absolutely no reason as to why we shouldn’t see the other bans the enemy team has selected. When a ban from the enemy team is locked in, we should be able to see the champion who was banned immediately. This is ridiculous and will only cause problems. We wanted 10 bans FOR A REASON. We do not want to end up wasting bans because of your crappy system that someone thought would be a good idea.

Inb4 we actually lose a ban because most people will ban roughly the same OP FotM champs and you could get 5 duplicates or half as passed bans.

This is so laughably pathetic on Riot’s part. It’s easy to see why they took so damn long putting the system in in the first place, cause literally everything they do these days has to have a gimmick. Just another reason to never play ranked

I think that once you lock in a ban, it could show up for both teams, but this would just cause people to wait until the last second before banning in hopes that someone else on the other team would ban the champion they plan on banning. Overall, it would just make the system a giant game of chicken. Besides, Riot is encouraging players to target champs that counter their own picks, so seeing what other players target in this style will also change the way people are going to pick and counter pick and even counter ban.

Actually, Riot hide bans to each team cause they’re hoping this eliminates the chance of some champions being permabanned. In my opinion, this is not gonna happen; the fact that there are permabanned champs this is not due (obviously) the ban phase; it’s beLeeSin_11.jpgcause most players do not want to deal with these champs; the problems belong to the champs themself. Change ban phase will not prevent people to ban “annoying” champs as they always did; not being able to see enemy team’s ban may reduce the risk of ban for some champs, but if i’m not 100% sure that Yasuo will be out of my game (for example), i’ll just ban it myself, regardless the chance of duplicate ban.

  • Everyone can remove a direct counter to their lane. For example, if you main an immobile mage support, you can remove Blitzcrank from the running

This is more a result of 10 bans, but anyway it’s really cool being able to ban a counter no matter what pick position do i have in champ select.

Also, before choosing for this ban format, Riot was looking for some alternative formats (you can check them all here).

Trying to summarize, the 10 ban system will give every player some control during ban phase, and there is nothing wrong about it; with more than 130 champs released, keep going with the 6 ban format wasn’t the best solution. Will some champs being permabanned anyway or the ban rate will decrease? Looking for a definite answer it’s not possible at the moment.