Riot Games has recently posted this video on their official Youtube channel, where they talk about some new features that will hit the Rift; in particular, the video is about Runes Update and the new Honor system. Let’s take a look.

NOTE: As they said, these features MAY change. Nothing it’s confirmed

  • Runes Reforged

According to many players, Runes are currently overpriced (specially tier 3 ones), as well as the Rune Pages. It takes too long for getting enough IP in order to buy the Runes that we need. Currently, if you wanna buy all Runes available in game (even if you dont need them all), you have to spend above 300.000 IP! And for a standard Runes page you need to spend something about 14.000 IP. Not an easy achievement, specially to those player that do not play frequently.

As they explain in the video

Our current plan is to release a major overhaul to Runes and Masteries for this November’s preseason […] First, we’re combining Runes and Masteries, combining into a single pre-game system. […] The most important choise will be the Keystone Rune, that will become much more powerful than anything we’ve had in pre-game before


Basically, the most important piece of the Runes Page will become this “keystone“, and the entire page will be forge around it. Maybe Masteries Page will be removed within this update come out. There is not much to say about it at the moment; they showed few examples of what a keystone could be, but these will be surely change:


So, this Keystone will become the most important part of the Rune Page, and it will be augmented by Minor and Major Rune choices. I can’t tell if Major and Minor Runes will be like current Masteries, but as the showed with the Major Rune “Overheal”, which convert excess healing past your current max health into a shield, it doesn’t give an effect i’ve ever seen by any Rune.

An amazing change will be the ability to change your Rune page during champs select. They have not explained this part in details, but here’s a question: will the Rune Page number available decrease? It will no longer be useful having a lot of Rune page; you could just buy one or two of them and then modify them while selecting the sample.

But here’s another amazing change; Runes will become completely free, solving the overprice problem! (Thanks Riot!)

“Hey, but i’ve spend years to collect Rune Pages and Runes themself! It’s all wasted now”. Riot actually points out this problem, and they said that these players will take some kind of “rewards”, or at least;

..we’ll have to plan to take care of players who’ve invested in Runes and Rune Pages over the years

  • Honor Update

Let’s move to the other update. Similar to Overwatch Honor System, after the nexus will explode, a new screen will appear and you will be able to honor one teammate. There will be 3 different categories to capture different type of honor playstyle

1. Stayed cool

Honoring a player who had a difficult game, but he kept quiet and did not tilt

2. Great shotcalling

Basically a player that called the right decision in the right moment

3. GG ❤

A player you had fun with

After voting, you’ll go to the normal end-of-game screen, and you’ll be able to see what honor you recieved. If you recieved three or more honors, you’ll recognize from the entire lobby. You’ll also have a honor level


I’ll focus on one aspect; as they said at the end of the video, an higher honor level will grants real benefits, because key fragment will drop thought the honor system, and more honorable players can get additional rewards, even exclusive contents; i do not agree with these changes and i hope they gonna make some adjustments. First thing first, nothing prevent to some friends to spam honor after a game, and get rewards. Also, if i get key fragments only when i do get honor, this could drastically reduce the first one; there is no certainty that i’ll get honored even if i played in such way to deserve it. Instead, when i obtain a great performance with a champ, the system rewards me with a S Rank. I’m sure that Riot will take care of these (and many others) problems.

Nevertheless, these changes are fantastic. The Honor System will be released soon (maybe in patch 7.13) and it looks so much better than old one. About the new Runes there is no that much to say, and we gonna wait more detail to talk about this.

Have fun on the Rift!