• Laning phase is where Akali falls short until she gets level 6. Once you reach level six and get access to [R] Shadow Dance, the entire aspect of the lane changes, regardless of the type of matchup. Focus on dodging the enemy laner’s abilities, and figure out how good he is at landing them. Don’t die pre-6, and don’t die 1v1 in lane. You can avoid this by saving your [W] Twilight Shroud for defensive moments, not shoving your wave, and not going in on enemies when they have a massive wave of minions around them.
  • [R] Shadow Dance queues up an auto attack on the target. This means that you don’t have to mash right mouse button when you dash in, and that you can use Hextech Gunblade while your AA is going off if you haven’t used it yet.
  • The essential item for Akali is Hextech Gunblade. That’s it. If you aren’t build this as first item maybe you are doing something wrong. It gives her burst, a slow, more healing, all thinks that she desperately needs. Anything after it, while useful, is only adding to the burst. Until you build Gunblade, you should play safe in lane.
  • If you are facing melee lanes, you should know that Akali has a pretty good advantage over many matchups like this. There are not a lot of melee enemies who have a built in sustain that’s as good as (Passive) Twin Disciplines. The general tactic against melee champions is to CS until they either attempt to harass you, or they try to last hit. This will proc Thunderlord’s Decree if it isn’t on cooldown, and it will take a massive chunk of their health. If they attempt an all-in around level 3, you can use your [W] Twilight Shroud to avoid some damage and then out trade them.
  • Ranged opponents can be very dificult to get solid damage, but that doesn’t mean you’re at a significant disadvantage. You can still CS just by freezing lane and paying more attention to your position in lane (do not try to get every minion at all!); the best way to keep an optimal farm is to take [W] Twilight Shroud second instead of third. CS from within your [W] Twilight Shroud and do not attempt to push the lane. You should be asking/looking for ganks from the jungle. Once you get a successful gank from your teammates, you can then push out the land and back for items. Once you get to level 6 and have [R] Shadow Dance, the lane plays out the same as if they were melee, because you can easily close the range gap. The change is that usually you’ll have to change the all-in combo to be R > AA > Q > AA > E > AA > Q, and repeating it as necessary.
  • Your mid game starts when you get Hextech Gunblade. If you aren’t behind them yet, Akali beats most mid lane matchups at this time (some exceptions may be Kayle, Pantheon and Malzahar).  You want to prioritize objective control during this time. If drags about to come up, try to get a pick. If your top laner is a split pusher, try to get a kill top so that you can grab Rift Herald; if you get a kill bot, do dragon, if you get a kill top, push for turret or get Herald; whatever seems more appropriate at the time.. Go for shutdowns too, if anyone on the enemy team is on fire. Generalizing, kills are great, objectives are better, farm when you can, go for  Zhonya’s Hourglass components and Rabadon’s Deathcap after it.
  • Akali is not that great in the late game. The important thing to remember here is that you are an imperative damage source for your team. You need to stay alive in the beginning of the fights, so that you can use that damage. If the enemy team has a strong splitpush champion (Tryndamere, Nasus, Etc.), you may need to recall and contest that champion’s push while your team is 4v4 elsewhere. End the game as soon as possible. You do not want it to go on that long, you will only get weaker after buying your final item. As always, focus on objectives.