During the past months, many awesome feature have been added to LoL; new Honor System, free loot and keys, missions, 10 bans system, 15 minutes surrender vote, and many others. The Remake System is one of those new features. It allows a team, when a summoner doesn’t connect to the game or it disconnect within the first minutes, to “end” the game itself using a surrender vote that is available at 3 minutes in game. For unlock the remake the summoner who disconnected must be still disconnect at 3 minutes, with no items; if First Blood happens before a summoner disconnects, remake will not be available; you also need at least two player to vote Yes for the game to end.

/Remake actually is a truly awesome feature. It allows you to avoid a 4v5 matchup (which is truly frustating) when someone doesn’t connect, and allows to start a new game as soon as possible without waiting twenty long minutes (or even more, if your team doesn’t want to surrender) in which you may barely try to defend base and lost interest to the game itself. And the leaver is punished in 100% of the cases, which is really satisfing. But even with all this incredible amount of greatness, remake (at least in my opinion) can still be improvement.

The First thing that come to mind is that Remake must obtain at least two votes to be satisfied; this is not a very positive feature. I’ve met teams that will waste the Remake (maybe hoping that the inactive player will reconnect in the near future) by not voting yes. And then you will have to face a 4v5. I’m gonna be honest, such case rarely happens; but when it does happen, there nothing you can do for prevent a long, boring, and worthless waiting of 20 minutes.

This is why i think that the Remake should be an automatic feature, like in Overwatch; if someone leaves game in early minutes, the system itself start immediatly a Remake and, after few seconds, the game comes to an end. No needs to vote or wait. I know what someone may think; there is still a chance that the inactive player reconnets, and so it’s actually usefull to wait some minutes before allow /Remake. I’d say yes, but just when the player in question connect to game and then disconnects. If he never connects there is no need, in my opinion, for wasting time; the match it’s unfair and it must be cancel

Also, in Overwatch’s Competitive games, if someone disconnect during the game, the system allows you to leave the game itself after few minutes, without keep playing an unfair matchup. And it’s completely automatic. Could this be an awesome improvement for LoL? First things first, this may no prevent a team for losing LP.

Let’s try to see all the conseguences. By allowing this, anyone could easily leave a ranked game in any moment for avoid a “bad” game; this mean that if a player just decide that “this game it’s lost for X reason”, he will leaves and will not try to help his team (and himself) win, which may leads to shorter games and maybe even to a general decrease of game quality; no one will tryhard in game (maybe) and at any sign of “defeat” a player will leave the game and move on (regardless the fact that maybe such game is winnable) and this may affect people that actually want to play and win. Also, thanks to this feature, a game may end at any moment “Just because there is no chance of win”, without waiting for the late game.

This do not seems healthy for LoL; unless the Nexus it’s near to explode, you can still win. This feature may just cause problems and maybe will never hit the Rift. This may cause also problem for giving Hextech Crafting. If games ends in any moment, players will not be able to gain “S” ranks and unlocks chests/flair. Anyway, let’s not forget that people do leave in ranked games in the current state of the game and there will always be AFKersĀ (regardless of the reason). By improving this feature, this may help avoiding the boring part until the Nexus explodes by letting people starts a new game soon. But it’s not really a huge deal with all this amount of problems.

I do still think that the automatic /Remake should be release, at least in those conditions that i explained above. Maybe it should no be improve for every moment of the game. But allowing players to leave games in any moments it’s an option i hope will never be released.