“Oooh, it’s another wonderful day. Roses are red, violets are blue, sun shines in sky and i’m doing my poo-poo. Let’s check LoL Boards in the while.. Wait what? What is this?”

Again this guys with 0% winrate on the Kench and 100% winrate on Yi? Damn it; STILL NOT BANNED?”

I’m gonna say it; i’m not that surprised. Riot it’s actually out of their mind if this guy it’s still not banned, but as someone may remember looking at this guy and all his accounts, it’s not that unusual that a “professional feeder” doesn’t get banned. Even after being able to ruin hundreds of games. Most of players out there says that the banning system doesn’t work at all when it have to detect and ban feeders, and it’s only purpose is to remove players that are toxic.

highly doubt that no one has ever reported this guy; it’s impossible, in over 200+ games, that he doesn’t get a single report for inting. Riot actually proved that they can understand if someone is playing following the rules or not; so why they can’t with this player? No one is looking at him? (Shame, Riot)  


If we look at his recent match history actually he’s not even play Tahm or Yi. He appear as a usual Silver player that can’t climb because he still do not understand who is the right champ for him. He didn’t use Tahm Jungle for a month or so. I’m not trying to say that he’s reformed and Riot shouldn’t ban him; a losing streak of 248 games on Tahm Kench should trigger something in Instant Feedback Report, and if not, there should be a huge amount of manual reports proving that there is a problem with this guy. But does this guy deserve to be reported? According to Riot, you should use the Intentional Feeding category for “punishing behavior that involves deliberately dying to enemy champions or turrets to make the opposing team more powerful while putting your team at a disadvantage. This is not intended for genuine mistakes or lapses of judgment!

Could i assume that this guy’s behavior it’s just due to mistakes or bad games? Is he that bad on Tahm, on Nunu and Trundle that he can’t even reach a miserable 3% winrate after 200+ games? Can’t someone check his behavior in game? Don’t we have replays? OH YEAH, Replays. The point is that Riot may easily understand what the f*** is going on with this guy. Just check his replays if you think all the possible reports are wrong. Think about all those players that have reported this guy after inting in their Ranked Games, hoping that this would help Riot ban him; it’s like Riot says them “We don’t give a f***, this guy it’s not toxic, it’s all fine”. And do not forget what Lyte did say about reports;

kayle.jpgWe occasionally hear some players wondering whether reports matter in a world with automated systems like instant feedback. Short answer: Reports matter a lot [??]. For the longer answer, let’s zoom out to the big picture. We view aggregate report data as the collective voice of the playerbase and the main way the community defines and establishes standards of behavior. When reporting a player, you add your voice to that chorus. For example, report data shows the vast majority of players can’t stand racism, sexism and homophobia [where is inting?] and that’s why we tune systems to specifically target hate speech.

The fact that this guy it’s still playing after inting/trolling for so long means at least that Instant Feedback System doesn’t work when it has to understand if a player is feeding or not, and also, that no one from Riot is actually looking at his account. I can’t say that he’s not banned yet because he’s not toxic in chat, i do not have any proof. But when Riot will tell me again that “report system it’s great and it’s all fine” and that “reports actually matter” i’d like to remember them of this case. Anyway, even if this guy is banned tomorrow or in near future, it’s too late. He’s already ruined hundreds of game without any conseguences. He can easily create a new account and start inting all over again. This guy it’s a sign of major problem; intentional feeders are not punished in shorts amounts of time. Improve your system, dear Riot.