If you check LoL Facebook you may notice that there is post about upcoming Star Guardian skins. This is actually very cool; new skins are always a pleasure and represent a very important feature of the game. It’s very cool to play your favourite champ with a good skin. Skins are actually something that keeps the champs “fresh”. Especially if you are a OTP. It would help to avoid boringness of playing the same champ, over and over. Now imagine keeps playing the same champ with the same skin over and over again (Illaoi mains, i’m looking at you).

But guess who didn’t get a skin this round? The same champs that should get a skin because they don’t get it from such a long time. Illaoi, Swain, Urgot for example. Nevertheless, as someone who love Swain (he’s one of my favourite characters and i really hope Riot doesn’t destroy him with his rework) this is kinda frustrating; Swain has actually just ONE cool skin, and it’s the Tyrant one. If i look at Ahri, well, she already has the Popstar one, the Academy one, the Challenger one. Basically all cool skins. We all know that Start Guardian Ahri will cost 1350 RP. Does she really need a new cool skin? Why Ahri players deserve such a large choice between nice skins and a Swain player cannot?

But jokes aside, actually there is no sense in making skins for champion that nobody plays. I do not blame Riot if they want to prioritize champs that are more “popular” than others; if i had my own company i would do the same because i would know that skins related to these champ does have an higher chance of beign selled. And i do also think that it’s basically impossible, for Riot, to make even one skin per year for every champion. There are currently 137 champions; it would take 11/12 skin per month in order for making at least a skin for every champ every year. Which seems a bit too much. Usually they release around 40/50 skins per year.

So yeah, it sucks that some champs does get more skins that others. But there is not much to do about it. Making a skin it’s not a simple job, neither it’s costless, and if Riot has to choose between release a skin for a popular champ, being hated by a relative small amount of players, and make money; or release a skin to a not-so-famous champion and lose money, there is not much to choose here.

Have a nice day.