Long time ago, when you started playing Ranked for the first time, you were perfectly sure to be able to reach at least the Diamond Tier, and even above. Because you are good at this game. So you played the first ten games, get placed in Silver 3, and then you said “Let’go to Diamond. It’s easy”. And after 40 games you are already in Bronze 4.

So, you started blaming your team, considering yourself always the only good player among them, stucked in Bronze because “my team is trash”. You start looking for solution on Google, looking for some player that does have the same problem, and you find out some guide or some rage post. But this is not what you want; you want to leave Bronze, because you are good and you do not belong to this elo. And you want to do it as fast as possible.

You go again on Google, type “how to get out of bronze fast”, you end again in some forum, rage post, guides, but this is not what you are looking like; it says that you need to improve, to not blame team. This is NOT what you need.  You are good. It’s your team that it’s trash. After scrolling pages and pages, you finally find the solution; the perfect solution for you. The Elo Boost. They promise you a “fast, clean, and professional service. You will soon reach your desidered elo”. This is what you are looking for. This is the solution. And they also say “for a very cheap price”


It’s too expensive? No problem, there are cheaper solutions!


And this where you start realizing that maybe Diamond it’s too high, you may be placed in Platinum and then you can make all aboce by your own; because, never forget, you are good. So you check the price for reaching the Platinum Elo, and this is what you got


“Only” 200€ for getting boosted in Platinum? It’s a deal, it’s good, it’s perfect.

Let’s assume that you actually press that button and pay someone to boost you in Platinum. And let’s also assume, that this wasn’t a scam, they actually didn’t just get the money and run away; and also, that your League Account didn’t get banned after the boost was ended. Now, you can’t basically play ranked anymore for the rest of the season. At least in solo/duo. And that’s why you do not belong in Platinum (or whatever elo) and in less games that you can even imagine, you will be facing again Bronze 4 players. Because you belong there.

But you know, it’s all fine, you have reached Platinum, that’s enough. You are cool now, aren’t you? It’s the Elo that you deserve, even if you can’t play ranked anymore in order to preserve your elo. But never forget that actually, it’s in Platinum that the ranked decay starts. So, if you don’t play even a single game in months, you will be demoted in Gold 1, and you will stay there for the rest of the season, because you are not able to reach Platinum by your own. Basically you have paid  the full price for a book of 248 pages, but you can only read the first 50 pages, because then it will expire. Ah, such a deal. You are lucky that your account didn’t get banned (for now).

And if you may say that 200€ are fine for getting boosted in Gold 1, you may not know that for very less amount of price (you can find it even free) you can get coached by any high elo player, that actually will tell you what’s going on with your games, what you have to improve; and if you learn from them, you can’t lost such information that will really help you to improve your games. And if you don’t want to get coached for any reason, there is a amount of imformation of the internet about improving and LoL that you can’t even imagine, instead of getting boosted for no reason.