Oh, it’s finally that times of the year when “Your Shop” it’s available again. I’ve always appreciated this Riot feature; it allows you to get special sales for skins that you may like, at a price that you will not found anywhere in the normal shop or in future sales. Or at least, this is what it should do.

I’ve looked at mine personal shop already, and it is terrible. Really terrible. Out of 6 skins, Riot (or their bot) was able to offer me a single interesting one.

Before starting, i’ll show you my most played champions this season, so you can get an idea of what i do main and i do like;


They can’t offer me a Swain’s skin; i do own them all. So, no Swain inside the shop, no problem. About Varus, i do only own one skin (Dark Star Varus) but i would really love another one; Varus has such cool skins. Instead, getting a skin for Veigar seems hard, because Omega Squad Veigar has been released recently and Final Boss Veigar it’s a 1820 RP skin and so it can’t get in the shop. Also i do have Superb Villan Veigar and i do not want the other skins; i do not like them at all. Last but not least, i do like Zilean (despite having few games on him) and i do not have any skin for him.

So, this is what they offer to me:


Let’s check them one by one.

  • Pool Party Graves

It’s a very cool skin, it has awesome effects, 20% discount. WOW, must be really good. The only problem is that i do not play Graves (i’ve like 4 games in this whole season) and i do not play even Jungle. Why offer me this one? I would never spend money for this one.

  • Panda Annie

I do already have an Annie skin, why not getting another one? But let’s check how many games i’ve played on Annie this season.


It seems like 8 games it’s enough to consider me an Annie main or someone who likes Annie. Another failure.

  • Headhunter Master Yi

I won’t even comment this one.

  • Nightmare Tryndamere

And again, a skin for a champ that i do not play at all. I can’t understand what kind of logic there is behind these offers.

  • Old Saint Zilean

Finally! This is actually a champ that i do play and i do like (the only one out of these six offers that makes sense); this is even a Legacy Skin; Zilean do not have a really cool skins pool (Blood Moon apart), this skin it’s not that cool, but whatever, it’s better than nothing

  • Battlecast Urgot

Another cool skin, and another champion that i do not play. Out of 3 seasons, i think i played 3 or 4 Urgot games. I do know that he was recently reworked, but i do not even own Urgot. So, my question is: why offering me a skin for a champion that i do not even own?

Why there isn’t a single Varus skin? Why i can’t get something for Zed (i do also like Zed but i do not play him in ranked)? This is the worst “Your Shop” that i’ve ever seen. As i said, this should be something that brings skins that you may like. At least give me something for Mid Lane champions. I do not know if Master Yi Mid would work, honestly. Unless you are Faker. I’ve also waited months for this moments, saving RP and this is what i got. Almost nothing, apart from Zilean’s skin. I guess that i’m forced to save RP for another time.