Since i’ve started playing this game, i’ve always seen players (in boards or in-game chat) calling champions and items OP (most of the times because they get “100-0”). I’ve also always believe that these guys were right! I mean, if i can delete someone by literally pressing a single button (Syndra mains, i’m talking about you) maybe the power this button can unleash should be nerfed or something.

I could post tons of videos and clip here showing mages and assassins deleting their opponent in few second; because they are OP. But instead, i’ll do something else. Let’s assume we have a Sona here, level 17, full build, and no magic resistence (or very low). On the other hand we have a Veigar, Level 16, maybe also full build, with around 500 stacks. (i don’t know average Veigar’ stack per game). These two champions have to face each other in a 1v1. How many seconds does Veigar need to delete Sona?

Maybe one. He needs to press Q and W. And Sona is already deleted. Or just R, or Q and R. He needs very little time to destroy a Sona in such condition. Does this make Veigar OP? According to that Sona’s player, yes, because he can destroy her by pressing one or two buttons. But this does make Veigar OP in that situation. If we change Sona with Cho’Ghat, Braum, Tahm Kench, i highly doubt pressing Q and R does delete any of them. Does this mean that Veigar is not OP? No, because he makes (more or less) the same damage he makes to Sona by pressing the same buttons, but what does change here it’s not the damage, but what does recieve that damage.

Veigar is not either OP or underpowered. He can delete a Sona but he can’t delete a Braum by pressing the same button. This mean that Veigar could be OP just in those condition where he’s facing champions like Sona. Now, let’s change Veigar with Ardent Censer. This item (recently nerfed but still good) was actually OP? Worlds are currently played with a patch that does not contain Ardent Censer nerfs, and we can see that almost in every single game there are not one, but TWO Ardent Censer. Now, why everyone is building it? It gives an huge amount of benefist for a ridiculous amount of money. If you notice ADC (on both teams) does build Relic Shield only to give their Support more gold in order to rush Ardent Censer as soon as possible.

Is Ardent Censer OP? Yes, it does give huge benefits (attack speed, bonus damage..), that are always good, regardless of the situation. You can buy Ardent Censer in every situtation and this item will be always OP. The condition under which the item is build does not change the power of the item itself. The meta favors it. And so, it is OP.