I don’t remember when missions started being available for the first time and i don’t think is truly important. What’s important is that they can be improve by a lot (IMO). Currently there are some missions that are totally unfair for certain type of players, or that requires “special tasks” to be completed. If we look at missions from games like Overwatch, Hearthstone or a game on Steam that does support archievement, i cannot say that there aren’t at all missions which are “unfair” and that require stuff that interfere with your gameplay experience (or someone else, if there is multiplayer) to be completed.  But most of them, are cool. Now i’ll explain what i mean by “cool”.

If you pick any game that does have missions (on Steam, Origin, PS Store…) most of them are surely archievable playing in solo. And if you need to complete them in multiplayer, well, i doubt you need a team of full premades that equip Teleport and the same icon and plays no melee champions in order to complete any of them. This kind of stuff does interfere with the game experience, because i may meet a team of 3-4 premades in blind pick that force me to play the game the way they want (and doesn’t even complete the mission because you do need a team of 5 premades, but maybe they dont know about it); or i may not like the champions i’m forced (yikes) to play in order to complete those missions.

Yeah, there are special requirement even in those kind of games (defeat a boss without dying, clear an area using only melee weapons..), but hey, no one force you to complete those missions because you will get nothing at the end; if you want to do it, it’s because you want an harder challenge. Instead, in LoL you need to complete missions in order for get free stuffs; no missions, no skins (and icons); you may have zero games on Ashe or on ADC role, but since there is a mission that does require you to play Ashe and win, you do need to play Ashe because you want a free skin. Maybe you even find the champ orrible after those games and you will never touch it again; but free stuffs are free stuffs (those icons tho).

Also, what kind of rewards do i get by completing them? An icon? A free skin? This sounds good, at least i get something for free. But it’s not that simple in my opinion. If i do complete the missions only for the rewards, well, this mean that i wouldn’t complete them if there wasn’t some kind of rewards. Let me explain: when you play GTA V (insert any other game with missions if you dont like GTA) you will complete some missions even without trying to and even without grind for them. You just need to play the game and enjoy it. There is no rewards; you may be acknowledge by your friends as “that guy who has the platinum trophy on X game, and so he’s cool” and enjoy the fact that you have completed those missions.

But the main difference here is that on LoL you have “missions”, on Bloodborne you have “archievement”, that is different from missions; it’s something you do complete just by playing the game, in most of cases. Some example for LoL may be “reachs 100.000 Mastery Points on one champion” or “win 10 ranked games playing the same role” or “buy 99 Control Wards and use them in ranked games”. These kind of missions does not interfere with anyone games experience (they may improve game quality) and also, they may be personal. These are my own missions, so anyone else in my team may not have them (becasue they already complete them and they have different ones now).

They don’t even need to give us useless Ticket or Coins or whatever s*it, i mean, you will complete those kind of missions by playing the game that you already enjoy. They shouldn’t make them as “things to archieve by complete special tasks”, but as “things that you will archieve, just by playing the game, no matter what”.