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How was “Your Shop”?

Oh, it’s finally that times of the year when “Your Shop” it’s available again. I’ve always appreciated this Riot feature; it allows you to get special sales for skins that you may like, at a price that you will not found anywhere in the normal shop or in future sales. Or at least, this is what it should do.

I’ve looked at mine personal shop already, and it is terrible. Really terrible. Out of 6 skins, Riot (or their bot) was able to offer me a single interesting one.

Before starting, i’ll show you my most played champions this season..


An analysis of Ornn’s poem

A new champ is up on the horizon, Ornn, the Mountainsmith. Despite we do have only a poem and an image about him, i think we could try to discover something about this new champion and eliminate a bit of the mystery which surround him at the moment. Even if i believe that only Heimdallr is the main model for Ornn, i’ve included all evidence that may have some connection with Ornn.

Ornn’s poem is called “The Path to Hearth-Home”; i’ve checked poem’s name in most of languages available (as translated in their respective Universe’s page); some of them translate the title as “Sweet home”, or something like it; other (the Hungarian one) talks about a god smith, others (the Italian one) talks about “Langhus“. About the god smith from the Hungarian version we gonna talk later; instead, about Langhus i’m gonna tell something right now; it could lead to “a village in the municipality of Ski in Akershus, Norway”, or to a longhouse which is “is a type of long, proportionately narrow, single-room building built by peoples in various parts of the world including Asia, Europe, and North America”. In you look at the Italian version of the title (below) “Langhus” seems to be used like a name of a city, rather that an house. It could mean both since in English (and other) version, the “Langhus” word is replaced with “sweet home”. It may lead, in any case, to Ornn’s home/city/familiar place. It could be also a refer to “mead hall”, “a large building with a single room”. The main difference between “mead hall” and “langhus” is that the first one was the residence of lords and even kings, the second one was a house for many families. I’m gonna left here a norway legend about the mead hall.

According to a legend…


The “0% Winrate Tahm Kench” player is back ones again. He’s still not banned

I’m gonna say it; i’m not that surprised. Riot it’s actually out of their mind if this guy it’s still not banned, but as someone may remember looking at this guy and all his account, it’s not that unusual that a “professional feeder” doesn’t get banned. Even after being able to ruin hundreds of game. Most of players out there says that the banning system doesn’t work at all when it have to detect and ban feeders, and it’s only purpose it’s to remove from game players that are toxic. Because Riot only purpose it’s to make a completely clean chat.

highly doubt that no one has ever reported this guy; it’s impossible, in over 200+ games, that he doesn’t get a single report for inting. Riot actually proved that they can understand if someone is playing following the rules or not; so why they can’t with this player? No one is looking at it? (Shame, Riot)  

If we look at his recent match history..